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Open-Minded Approach Apprenticeship Program

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Welcome to the Open-Minded Approach Apprenticeship with Tulsa Pack Athletics and Sailor Jerri. In this 4-week program, you'll learn the fundamental concepts included in the approach developed by Jerri after her years as a "Balanced", "LIMA", and "Force Free" trainer. Where some simply took a stance and stuck with a side blindly, Jerri had the courage to really dive into practicing it all to find the truth somewhere in between it all. What she learned was that there was a deep need in the industry for an approach that integrated the needs of society, humans, and dogs at the same time. Sweeping the globe in 2021, Sailor Jerri then developed an entire apprenticeship program, followed by an intensive internship, to give high quality, affordable education for dog trainers and hopefuls that are looking for a judgement-free, compassionate place to learn within a supportive community, something severely lacking in the dog world. In this program, you will join countless other students on their journey to understand the Open-Minded Approach thru the eyes of the most innovative virtual trainer in the world. PLEASE NOTE: This program is NOT part of the IG subscriber included courses. Access will be revoked to anyone not properly enrolled thru one of the pricing plans for the OMA Apprenticeship Program.

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