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Recall: The Great Misunderstanding

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*DOWNLOAD THE APP TO USE MY COURSES OR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES* Are you on a losing streak when it comes to your dog's recall consistency? Maybe they're great some of the time and then others its terrible. A crap shot. What if I told you that it wasn't really about all the external things you might be making it about. In this course, you'll learn about recall from your dog's perspective, something you have most likely overlooked. It's totally normal to struggle to see the other one's perspective in relationship. Many of us weren't really taught how to consider another person's needs, thoughts, and feelings as having just as much validity as our own - because that was not shown to us. It's just the truth. This course is a really wonderful way to learn more about everyone's accidental obsession with recall. How did it start? What did it turn into? What happened as a result?? If you stick around long enough, I'll show you exactly what I do with Enzo to get that exuberant, joyful recall.

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Recall: The Great Misunderstanding

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